Who We Are

BSL is not only a law firm, it’s a start-up business experiencing a fast-paced growth.


A Cross-border Team

Our commitment to cross-border teamwork allows us to solve in-house all issues related to cultural and geographical differences, as well as working hours in different time zones.



The starting point is our clients in Italy. We are right by their side when their journey starts. Our first task is to understand their product, their market and their working methodology.


Transnational Operations

We strive to make our clients feel the proximity of their investment in Asia and further their understanding. We pursue this objective by providing our experts with rigorous training and regular updates on Italian and local Asian laws. We pursue an objective analysis of each scenario on the basis of our consolidated experience, avoiding prejudices and preconceived notions



We aim for efficiency and effectiveness, we undertake to use – and request that our partners and collaborators use – the best tools available on the market, such as management softwares, juridical data bases, communication as well as data archive / management tools.


We expect that those wishing to join BSL share our commitment.


What We Offer

You will join a stimulating, engaging and much active working place where you will acquire hands-on experience. We are looking for individuals that understand and subscribe to this approach, professionals who are ready to engage on multiple fronts, use various languages and handle on a daily basis the challenges presented by different cultures, legal systems and practices.


Support for Your Dissertation

Here’s a great opportunity for those who are about to graduate and write a dissertation on Chinese law. We offer you a desk in our structure and access to our database and library. E-mail the title of your dissertation and the list of exams you successfully sustained (and their respective passing grade) to



Individuals who have already graduated in a law degree from university may apply with BSL for traineeship by e-mailing


We invite you to send your cv and a presentation of your experiences and expectations to

No open positions at the moment!




Privacy requirements

Upon sending any information to us, you are kindly requested to express your consent to management and safekeeping of your personal information by this firm, according to the applicable laws, otherwise we shall be compelled to promptly cancel any such information from our systems.